Penateka Lodge




The tipi was the totem of Otena and there are 12. Symbolizing the 12 points of the Scout law. The buffalo was the totem of Kotso. 3 symbolize the 3 points of the Scout oath. The 3 chapters are Black Arrow, Tosa Tasiwoo, and Double Mountain. Tosa Tasiwo means white buffalo. The back ground is the sunset between two mountains and the black arrow is obvious. The medicine wheel is the totem for Penateka and is in the center symbolizing the new lodge and the formation of new traditions without necessarily killing the old traditions. The purple border is a color that symbolizes rare opportunity. Where these young men have a truly unique opportunity to forge a new lodge and traditions that will be passed down from generation to generation. Penateka and 561 are red symbolizing the "blood" that is mingled in bonds of brotherhood and in service to the lodge, units and council. The scout symbol, BSA and TTT are in gold and yellow symbolizing the sun which sheds light and guidance on our path. And finally the background is a sunset to symbolize the end of the strife and discord that has marred our first 10 years. The sun will rise again an clearly light our path to making Penateka the culmination of two great lodges. Not as great as one or the other, but greater than the sum of the two.

General Issue
The General Issue flap will be $5 each with no limit on purchases.
The Anniversary flap will be $10 with a limit of 2 per Arrowman. (Available for sale at Lodge Functions only)
"Green Border"
The "Once in a Lifetime" Green Border flap will only be awarded upon completion of the Ordeal.
Those who have completed the Ordeal as members of Penateka will have the opportunity to purchase one at the 2013 Annual Banquet in December. The limit will be one per arrowman that can prove their Ordeal was completed in Penateka. (Kotso and Otena are not eligible) Members MUST be current on dues, in good standing with the lodge and pre-registered for the Banquet. Flaps will be $10 and will only be sold to those members present. (Extras cannot be purchased for family or friends that are not present). After the banquet these patches will NOT be sold ever again.